Photo: R. Singh

My Job description (using only the 1000 most used words)

In my job, I am looking at hard stuff and tiny rocks that come out of our home rock, when it has to let go some hot and wet air. I am especially interested in how fast this stuff is, because it may tell me something about the mood of the inner part of our home rock. Stuff is fast, when force is high, which means that our home rock's inner part is not feeling good. If our home rock is sick, it has to let go stuff and air very often and maybe even every few minutes or hours or so. But sometimes we can not see that our home rock is sick and stuff comes out of higher ground without clear warning. Some sense things, however, can feel rock becoming sick and give a warning so that people don't get hurt.

Most of the stuff goes up with the hot and wet air, but sometimes it is too heavy and falls back down. I use a sense thing to see how fast stuff goes up and how fast it falls back down. Stuff falls fast when it is large and slow when it is small. My sense thing tells me how much large stuff and how much small stuff is there.

The smallest hard stuff stays in the air. It can make us sick and it can hurt flying things with people in them. Because of that we need to know when stuff comes out of rocks, how big it is and where it goes. Computer-try-outs can figure out where the stuff goes but they have to know before-hand where the stuff comes from and how much there is. My sense thing tells me that, but only at one place on our home rock.

Some computer-try-outs think that all stuff comes out at once or what comes out is the same during some time. But my sense thing says that this is not true. Stuff comes out in several steps. And this changes where the stuff goes. But we still need to figure out, how. And this is my job.

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